How We Work

For those who want to know how we actually work, here is what happens under the hood.

For Authors

We believe that engaging content speaks to your audience and engages them almost as though you were sitting next to them and talking to them. Even as they read your content, it’s a voice deep in their heads that narrates to them your every word. If reading is that easy and engaging, then should the content creation process.

Our scribes act as your personal typist. We quietly listen to your every word, understanding the context and then efficiently type out, edit and proof read the content. We will even rephrase and restructure some of your sentences depending on the amount of creative freedom that you give us. Once you approve the content and having given us access to the publishing platform of your choosing, We will then publish and promote your content

For Scribes

Being a scribe is a calling to be the custodian of our present day literally works. Our job is to transcribe and immortalise the options, thoughts and creative work of our present day Shakespeares’ and MacMillans. Joining us is a very simple process.

  1. Firstly you need to fill in this form. This will help us understand a bit more about you and what your passions are.
  2. After that, we will ask you to take a reading and hearing test.

This will help us measure your scribing skills and ensure that you will be able to deliver the content within the expected time. Our scribes are a league of extra ordinary ladies and gentlemen who dedicate their time and effort to cultivating, transcribing and immortalising the voices of our generation. It is our firm belief that, just as the hieroglyphics have done, our words will carry this generations spirit and consciousness into the future.